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Update on Fire Hydrant repairs

Updated information on Fire Hydrant repairs:

We have contacted HydroTech to come and service our fire hydrants. The manager from HydroTech will come to Hudson Water on or about July 20-22 for a site visit to view all hydrants that have been reported or we have found that are in need of repair. HydroTech will test these hydrants and create a parts list. Hudson Water has already provided HydroTech a list of our fire hyrant manufactures names that are in need of repair, in hopes to helping this process along. After HydroTech's site visit, and once the necessary parts are received they will send a team to Hudson Water for repairs.

Hudson Water is also working with The Hudson Fire Department to create an agreement and schedule in which Hudson Fire will locate, test and report any problems or issues with fire hydrants. Hudson Water after receiving their report will contact a company and schedule service and pay for repairs.

Hudson Water will recommend to Hudson Fire that our water system be divided into four sections and each sections' fire hydrants be reviewed quarterly. Hudson Water will provide Hudson Fire with any maps, notes, technology or personnel (which scheduling permits) that will help in identifying all fire hydrants within the system, to help Hudson Fire locate, test and report any problems.

This schedule (when approved) would allow all fire hydrants, within our system, to be located and tested within a year by Hudson Fire, as well as Hudson Water receiving a quarterly report of problems or issues of fire hydrants which would facilitate Hudson Water to contact a company, schedule, service(s) and pay for repairs. Once repairs are completed Hudson Water will contact Hudson Fire, updating them that requested repairs have been completed.